Services Offered

People of all cultures — people whose beliefs require consecrated ground, sweeping vistas of the Bay, or simply the “Peace which passeth understanding” — all faiths and cultures are honored at Union Cemetery .


Services, in keeping with one’s beliefs, may be held in one of the two separate Tower or Main Mausoleum chapels, where specially designed English Chapel organs of exquisite tone contribute to a comforting and inspirational atmosphere.

The Byron-Brentwood-Knightsen Union Cemetery is located in far Eastern Contra Costa County, California, and is owned by an authorized Special District under the State Health & Safety Code and The California State Government Code.


Prearranging provides you or your loved one with the opportunity to become informed about the plethora of options regarding the funeral or cremation service.


One of the traditional ways for honoring a deceased loved one is to adorn their final resting place with floral arrangements.


Burying a loved one is always an emotional experience. The nature of the service itself can be modified in accordance with the deceased’s wishes, or with the general preferences of the family.


We work with families to ensure cremation services that are in line with their beliefs, values, and wishes. We also provide family members with different options for preserving and honoring the cremated remains of their loved one

Grief Support

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a uniquely stressful period. While needing to grieve, you are also faced with many difficult decisions. Our support team will help with planning a service and answering your questions, 

Internment Services

The internment services include body burial and cremation burial


  • Diablo Vista Rose Garden (Ossuary for Cremations)
  • Full body burial, single depth
  • Full body companion burial
  • Cremation in the ground
    • Special Cremation Graves
    • In-ground Niches
    • Companion in Existing Grave of Relative
  • Cremation in Niche Wall (Columbaria)
    • Single Niches
    • Companion Niches
  • Cremation Benches
  • Infant Burials in BabyLand
  • Veteran’s Columbaria (Niche Wall)



  • Headstone cleaning (available at nominal cost)
  • Level Headstones and Monuments (at no additional costs)
  • Free Estimates and Consultation
  • Pre-Paid Contracts for Pre-Need Services
  • Saturday Funerals (at Extra Charge)

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