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Historic Union Cemetery

The Union Cemetery Association was established November 1, 1878 when Colburn Preston, a pioneer of the Point of Timber area, sold four acres, specifying that they be used solely for a cemetery. Prior to that, burials were performed on family property or at the Point of Timber grave yard on the Willís Ranch, located at the present-day Marsh Creek Road and State Highway Route 4 (Byron Highway). Some residents objected that the cemetery was too close to a school (Excelsior School). In addition to that the burial grounds were under water during the raining season, making it next to impossible to open graves. The moving of bodies to the newer site explains why some of the headstones pre-date the 1878 founding date.

Non-denominational and public, the cemetery is now controlled by the Byron-Brentwood-Knightsen Union Cemetery District, voted into existence by the local taxpayers in 1928, under the State Cemetery Act of 1909.

We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Our ancestors have provided the foundation of our community thus enriching our lives. We will therefore honor the memory of our predecessors by forever keeping the grounds of Union Cemetery in good order Ė a quiet place of repose for the deceased and a restful scenic park for the living.

Planning Arrangements

Selecting which cemetery in which you are going to purchase memorial property is a very important decision. We encourage you to compare cemeteries by visiting each one that you are considering. Schedule an appointment and meet with a representative to discuss the burial options offered by the cemetery and how they can meet your needs. Obtain a price list and ask for a tour of the grounds.

It is far easier for your family if memorial property is purchased prior to its need. Preplanning allows you together with your family to make an informed decision regarding your final resting place, thereby leaving no possible doubt or regrets. Your selection is made after careful deliberation and not under emotional distress.

After comparing the beauty, care and maintenance of other cemeteries, we think you will find Union Cemetery to be your first choice. Our considerate staff will assist with your selection. Please call (925) 634-4748 to schedule an appointment.

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